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Your Personal Energy Profile

By ordering your Personal Energy Profile you can utilize your Chances for this year,
you will get Selfknowledge in a wink and it makes your Past more understandable.

The Personal Energy Profile consists of three different parts, i.e.:

Your Year Energy (Chances)

Your Basic Energy (Selfknowledge)

Your Growth Cycle (Past)

Also read my publication on the Year Energy , in which the global energy of 2021 and 2022 is revealed.

The 3 parts of the Personal Energy Profile

1) In Your Personal Year Energy all your possibilities and challenges for the coming year will be revealed to you. Knowing this, you can adjust your plans by which you can surf on the waves of the energy of this year instead of getting thrown down. If you know the moves of the energy it is easier to accept and you can adapt to it.

"After a very intensive year I read the information of my Basic Energy for this year again and it was very special to read how much resembles how I feel in this moment and all the changes that have happened. It gave me, already in the beginning, a feeling of certainty and reassurance. Something that was no luxury in my situation. All together this information has always been a nice helping hand and extra motivation to focus more on certain aspects of life"

The Energy of the year changes at January 1st every year and then the lessons start, that has to do with this new energy and will occur to you through events, this is the so called outer cycle. On or around your birthday, these lessons are integrated and you can use these lessons in your favour. This when the inner cyclus begins.

2) Through your Basic Energy you get information on how you show yourself and how others see or experience you . On top you will get to know what kind of personal talents you might have and inner resources . It gives you even insight in who you really are.

3) The Growth Cycle offers you the opportunity to position the things that happened in your life, your past , and understand it better . By reading which energies in a certain time of your life have been playing an important role it will be easier to see certain decisions or events in another perspective. You will comprehend that all fits in the greater picture.

Costs and ordering of the Personal Energy Profile

What are the costs of your Personal Energy Profile, this investment in yourself?

The price of this lifelong source of recognition and support is € 75,=
But from now on you can also order every part seperately for € 30,=

How can you order this interesting and Personal Energy Profile?
Send an e-mail with your order and write subject: Personal Energy Profile.
Also make clear if you want the whole package or just one with the name of it.
You will get my answer with further instructions as soon as possible.

If you want to order this for somebody else then first please ask permission
from the one you are asking it for.
I also could make you a gift coupon which you could give to that person.

Looking forward to hear from you to be able to empower you with one of my tools.