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Feel your energy flow! Get alive and happy again!

Empowerment by Healing Reading, Coaching and Selfhealing.


also on distance

Tired, tense, restless, worrying, problems you do not get clear about, physical issues?
A healing reading on distance can be the right step and support that you need in this very moment.

The Combination Healing Reading

By a Healing your energy will get more balanced . Blockages, whether they are physically, emotionally or mentally will get lighter or will disappear. The Healing will help to awaken your own selfhealing abilities.

A Reading is the translation of your energy . It tells you what is important for you to know in this very moment. It offers insight in yourself and clarity on specific themes, such as work, relation(s), child(ren), parent(s) or family. It is not a prediction for your future. However I give you the tools by which you can create a bright future yourself! No one else can create your future but yourself!

I offer you the Healing and Reading in one. As I am reading your energy I get clear what needs to be healed at that moment. You can read the reviews alongside.

The effects of a Healing Reading:

A better flow of your energy, by which pain can deminish or disappear.
A sense of well-being, inner peace or being full of energy and active.
Emotions that come to the surface, like sorrow, anger, fear by which the blocked energy will be able to freely flow and you will feel liberated and less tired.
Insight, like being able to position the things that keeps your mind busy or get them more clear.
A feeling of renewed contact with yourself.
A feeling of recognition and acknowledgement of who you really are.


Healing Reading on distance

"After having received the Healing Reading I feel whole again and grounded; I still feel the effect. Very comfortable this way; not necessary to travel. Once again thank you very much"
"It feels typical but I feel refreshed, more joyful and more alert and I have more energy. Not so tired anymore getting up in the morning. Even a collegue noticed it and said to me: "It seems as if you have everything on track again". Isn't that nice? Your e-mail is very clear. Thank you! It was short and personal. It was a nice contact.
"I surely felt it when you were doing the Healing Reading on me and now I am reading your report I was in tears. You are right about my parents and about the therapist, that I cannot express my feelings. Also about the head and the throat. In fact you are right for 100%".

Healing Reading in my practice

"During the Healing Reading I got pure insights which I recognize and which I have to take care of. It is up to me now to apply them consciously in my daily life. For the first time got in contact with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and I experienced it as a very practical way to give you a reset on the level of body and soul"

Healing Reading on distance

Perhabs you wonder whether a healing reading on distance will function
and will be as effective as when you would come to my place.

Energy is motion, motion consists of vibrations and these vibrations have no borders.
For instance the waves or frequencies with which television or radio functions, it is all vibration, so energy.
You can read on the effects from the reviews above.

You can choose 3 different ways of Healing Reading on distance:

I do the Healing Reading and send you the report via e-mail .

while doing the Healing Reading I make an audio of it and send that to you.

or we do a online Healing Reading in which we have a online connection.

In all three cases we agree upon a date and time, that also you can sit undisturbed to fully be able to receive the Healing Reading. This means that you are in a space where you feel comfortable, alone and without being interrupted by your mobile phone. If you cannot create such conditions for yourself then it is perhabs better that you come to my practice.

Costs for a Healing Reading are € 75,=

If you want to sign up for a Healing Reading then please send me an e-mail with subject Healing Reading. Make your choice on distance (e-mail, audio or online) or at my practice clear and give me dates and times that would fit you, so I can see in my calendar for time to schedule you in. I will answer you as soon as possible.

Looking forward to hear from you to be able to empower you with one of my tools.