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Healing-Reading on animals and their "owner"

Healing Reading on an animal came on my way already a few years ago. And now again, so it felt that I had to do something with it, especially because I also make contact with animals during our walks in daily life.
An animal is often very connected to the person with whom he or she is living. Therefore a healing reading will never be on the animal alone. There is such an interaction that one cannot separate one from the other. What is more, an animal often is a mirror, whether one wants to see it or not.

In what kind of cases could you consider to have a healing reading on your pet or animal? Items that you could think of are: illness, passing away, difficult behaviour, but also if you want to get more information on the connection between the two of you.

I give you an example:

A healing reading on a cat that had been hit, probably by a car, and came home creeping with its last forces to be able to pass away in the arms of its "owner". The healing reading also was on the "owner". A few years ago she asked me to help her with a healing reading, because the cat that she had in that time was ill and she had had to take the very difficult decision to let him pass away. As you can read from the following review this client is a real 'cat woman', loves her cats from the bottom of her heart and is very connected to them.
I put "owner" between quotation marks, because cats are their own boss. This time I made an audio which I sent to her.

Review from the "owner":

"Just heard the recording again. It all really is correct. I do feel connected to cats. Spooky was also like a child to me. What is also special, I found him as a kitten and now he is a kitten again. I certainly recognize the two sides of Spooky. He demolished wallpaper from the walls when he was not allowed to go outside as a kitten. Hung on the door if he wanted to go into the room or kitchen. Challenged the dog with crazy jumps and sometimes tapped her on the ass or hung in her tail. So yes, he was certainly spicy. But also very sweet, giving cups to the dog. Always want to lie on my lap or on the bed. Also really listened to me and could look intense. "Talked" to me. And yes grateful that he wanted to be with me I am sure, I already had the idea that he wanted to be with me when he was dying.
There are things that I see and feel, that's also correct. I know when people lie. I sometimes feel negative energy from people.

And indeed the pain is in my heart. And the loss is immense for me. But you really helped me a lot with your reading. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you, I really mean that. I would really break down with grief. One probably can't imagine but I do feel that way. And yes, of course, a cry every now and then. But all those signs of Spooky makes up for a lot. It also seems as if my view of the earth and the animals is also much more conscious. In any case, you can use what you want from what I have told you. It's really all true."