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Empowerment by Healing Reading, Coaching and Selfhealing.

Individual Healing Coaching

online or in my practice

What to expect?

Because of my healing and reading capacities I can tune in on you on a deeper level and that is why you do not have to answer a lot of questions or fill in all kinds of forms or have a intake session first. We start right away!

Of course you have the possibility to let me know why you are coming for this Individual Healing Coaching, if you wish, but it is not necessary.

Not feeling well whether physically or mentally, whishing more direction in your life, oneness with yourself, better able in defining or setting your borders ; it all can be reasons why you want to have this (online) Individual Healing Coaching. We can do this online, but you are also welcome at my practice. The effectivity is the same.

This Individual Healing Coaching goes much deeper and more direct than the usual coaching for personal development, because I make contact with you on a soul level through which I directly can pick up what on this very moment is the most important for you to know or to work on.
This way it is not necessary to dig into your past first. If the past has to come forward it happens by itself and mostly in a liberating and organic way, without pushing or drawing and without seeking or pointing out culprits .

It might happen, during a Individual Healing Coaching, that I get the feeling that you need a certain excercise from the Selfhealing Course. In that case I will directly go through this excercise with you, so that you will be able to make this your own and can work with it. In this way you will stand stronger in life and more in connection with who you really are.

This Individual Healing Coaching is the same as a Healing-Reading in the respect that I also here use my 'antennas', my tools, that I also use during a Healing-Reading, but different in the respect that with this Coaching you get even more involved in your own process. What I mean is this: I guide you to those parts in you that ask for healing, where there are blockages, where emotions are stuck, which perhabs you yourself are not yet aware of or are not clear for you. This works out very liberating, because these energies can be released in a safe surrounding. And because of the fact that you are part of this Healing process and are actively acting in it, the result will be that you get more in power of yourself . This is what Self-empowerment is about. It is not me doing it, but you yourself!

A Healing Coaching session costs € 75,= and lasts an hour. Whether you need more sessions will become clear during or from the first session. You decide! I will not force you to take more sessions if you do not wish it yourself.
It even might be necessary that you need time to process the session and in that case to rush forward can have a reverse effect. So, my advice always is to feel which next step to take, by you and by me.

If you want to get the most out of the online Individual Healing Coaching you better are not being disturbed during the time you get your Healing Coaching. This means that you are in a space where you feel comfortable, alone and without being distracted by your mobile phone. I hope you understand that this is very important for you. If you cannot create such conditions for yourself then it is perhabs better that you come to my practice.

If you want to sign up for a Individual Healing Coaching then please send me an e-mail and mention subject Individual Healing Coaching and add if you want a online session or in my practice . You could already pass around the dates and times that fits you best, so I can see in my calendar for time to schedule you in.

Looking forward to hear from you to be able to empower you with one of my tools.