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Curiosity, consciousness and your Higher Self - Part 2

(Published on my Dutch website: February 2022)

Part 1: Frequencies and our future

For a while now I have been walking with the items of the title in my head to write something about it. It actually started with the item curiosity first. As happens every time, before it finally gets on paper, it simmers and suddenly it's there. But there is usually a lot that precedes this. And so it is this time. At least 2 months ago, if not longer, it started. But where does that idea come from? If I read my already written texts I think, did I write that? And yes, it is. I'm not gone, I'm not really being taken over, I'm completely there, and there's no voice whispering it to me. By describing what happened this time, I might be able to make it clear.

When I write, I don't have a preconceived plan . Usually after the time of breeding there is a morning that I am still in half sleep, that suddenly the moment is there. Then the first step is suddenly clear. I just start writing and what wants to be written goes fluently . Afterwards I still make some corrections or adjustments, but the basic structure is there. That's actually how it goes with writing my newsletters as well.

The Higher Self has long been a familiar fact or energy for me, which we also make contact with in my courses. The fact that I am writing about this is an important part of the process of my publications and newsletters, but also in what it wants to make clear to you .

Lately, since I got the inspiration (literally it is thoughts or ideas that are given in) to write about this item, more and more information gradually came my way, which now I oversee it all together, piece by piece, led to the understanding I have of it now. I was, as it were, led to it .

It all has to do with what will become commonplace for everyone in the near future, the quantum field . It is, of course, nothing new at all. Einstein and Tesla worked with it and certainly more well-known and unknown brains. Countless books have already been written about it.

In the current time, partly because this knowledge/information has been present in the field for a long time, thanks to people like Gregg Braden and Nassim Haramein , it is made much more accessible.
The great thing is that we are actually all in contact with this field. And this is where the title of this publication comes in.

It does take curiosity to become and be aware of this .

Without curiosity you don't wonder . The moment you do wonder something, you tap into that field, as it were. In that field, the quantum energy field, all knowledge about everything that is known and what is yet to be known is present. This sounds a bit mysterious. That is because we think, act and live from a linear time . From the holistic thinking , feeling and knowing it is no longer mysterious. Everything is present at the same time , in this one moment. It is our perception, our possibility of stretching our mind, that limits us or makes us comprehend the quantum level (the field). But that requires curiosity!
Perhaps you can imagine it as a paddle wheel with closed compartments. The moment the 'question box' or 'curiosity box' is open and passes the quantum field, something can fall in, but not if the boxes remain closed.

On my Dutch website I have a self-help method from Gregg Braden, the heart-brain connection. I'll highlight the following: " 40,000 special cells , neurons (the 'sensory neurites') in your heart, which are similar to brain cells and collectively called the cerebellum. They learn, think, and remember independently of our brains. For scientific substantiation of Dr. Fahad Basheer you can click this link .The heart communicates directly with us in its own language, which many unfortunately no longer "understand" because we have given the brain the upper hand. These heart-brains are the direct gate to intuition, creativity, empathy and the subconscious. The way through the cerebrum (the brain) is much slower, because it passes through logic, fear, self-esteem, doubt and ego. The most ideal state is when we open our hearts and minds to function in harmony with each other”.

This is an important fact to understand the field on a different level, from a holistic view. From the heart-brain connectio n, most can contain much more than with pure logic. The great thing is that the more people realize this, the easier the field becomes accessible to more and more people. Actually, I'm saying this wrong. The field was and always has been accessible. Our limitations make it inaccessible to us. And that's changing, thanks to curiosity.

What has been an eye-opener for me lately, presented by Brad Johnson, is that my Higher Self , I, is in the future. After that data came in through him for the first time, I was gradually led, as it were, to more and more information that confirmed this.

Higher Self, you in the future and yet present now? And if you are not there now, at this moment, on this earth, then your Higher Self may not be there in the future either. Hence it is extremely important, not only for us here on Earth, but also for all Higher Selves in the future, that we stand now and here for ourselves, that we are/become curious about what is happening here on Earth, our Mother Earth, all the things that happened in the past and still happen at this very moment that are not for the benefit of us and Mother Earth, but is destroying us. It's actually our duty to be curious! To become aware of ourselves.

This also means that it is important that we start to embrace our own shadows so that we no longer see them only outside of us. As within, so without, as above, so below, is not just an expression. By recognizing and acknowledging the shadow within ourselves, we illuminate this part of ourselves and it can be healed . Putting in the Light, becoming aware, of our inner world will reflect our outer world to us. Then the demons/shadows in the outside world are no longer there or they no longer have any meaning or grip on us.

If you want to get out of duality, you have to look within and not outside of yourself, because that is not where you will find it.

The quote above is from a publication of me of April 12, 2021.

This time is a huge opportunity to transform. It will happen, otherwise the future would not be there. Since the future is here, my Higher Self and yours is there after all, the transformation will happen. How, that's everyone's free will . The more aware, so curious, you are, the relatively easier your transformation.

Children that were/are curious and had/have a lot of questions, were/are considered difficult and were/are often silenced. We have been deliberately kept 'dumb' . Being curious was discouraged. But thankfully there are the brave ones who have continued to ask questions, to ask themselves questions that will allow humanity to rise again and take on its way back to the Light, to the Source, to Unconditional Love.

You in the future and yet present now? Yes, that does require some stretching of the mind , the brain, but your heart knows . The more you are connected to your heart, the more you will 'understand' and see. The limitations are in the beliefs and imposed framesof mind about who and what we are and our possibilities . It can be more difficult if you haven't been involved with that at all, but that too is a belief. So a huge step is to review your beliefs, consider and see if they still serve you or get in the way. You can always let them go. It's like cleaning up your house. What things do you still keep that you no longer need?

So everyone's Higher Self is you in the future. It is a you, present in a higher dimension. At a higher frequency. It is a you, who has gained more 'knowledge' in the journey back to the Source. It is a you, oh so willing to assist you, to heal you. There is only one condition, you have to want it.

Do you now understand who is writing these pieces? It's very common, nothing weird, nothing mysterious, not even sacrilegious. We humans make it that. It will be a liberation and a relief if this becomes normal. For me and for you. That is our future, that is you together with your Higher Self. There is someone, about whom much has been written, who has already wanted to make this clear to us. He was killed for it, because above all we had to continue to believe that this was unattainable for us, sublime, something that only happens in fairy tales.

My stepping stones this time, which were laid out in front of me and which, thanks to curiosity, I did not overlook: Allex Collier, Brad Johnson, Gregg Braden, Nassim Haramein, Marja de Vries, my Higher Self, Julia Mossbridge, Corey Goode, Jason Shurka, Dolores Cannon and probably many more.