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Frequencies and our future - part 1

What kind of future do you create?
Part 2: "Curiosity, consciousness and your Higher Self"

Why do I want to talk about frequencies now? Because specially in this time, understanding the influence of frequencies have a major importance for our future. Why?

If you understand, from the standpoint of metaphysics, that everything is energy and that energy has a vibration, then everything in essence consists of vibration or frequencies. The more tight the energy particles are, the tighter matter is. We, as human beings, in our physical form, are rather tight. A table of wood even more. This to give you an example, an idea of and a feeling of the concepts of frequency, energy and matter. As I understand it, if we would go deeper, everything that is created is consisting of light. But that is probably something we will experience in future, when more and more will be revealed of what is kept secret from us.

What happens in your energyfield when you are sad or angry ? What do you feel? Do you feel light and pleasant? Perhabs you feel relieved after having let go, but in the moment itself you probably feel heavy and burdened. Do you know where your energy is at that very moment? I suppose in your head. Are you then still connected with your whole body?
Then think of a moment that you have been very happy . What did you feel and where in your body? Also only in your head? Or do you feel it in your whole body? Do you feel heavy, or light and almost floating?

Can you imagine that in case of the first emotions, sad or angry, your frequency gets much lower, which makes you feel heavier. And that in the second case, happy, your frequency goes up, making you feel lighter. I want to discuss this phenomenon with you, because in both cases you are pushed into a certain frequency by your own feelings, without seemingly having a grip on it.

From the above you understand that frequencies have quite an influence on you. Not only on you, but on everyone and on the whole earth, since everything on earth consists of energy and vibration / frequency. Each frequency has an effect on matter = condensed energy = which eventually becomes manifest in the world.

Perhaps you can imagine that a disease has a lower vibration . A disease first will be observable in the energetic or subtle body . Every living being has such a body. The subtle body has a higher frequency/vibration, because matter is less compact in it. Hence, not everyone can feel, see or otherwise interact with this body. If one is not aware of this fact and remains in a low frequency for a long time, illness tends to manifest itself in the physical body and becomes visible and or / felt.
Do you understand why becoming aware of frequencies is so important? And as well from the fact that there are low and high frequencies. That high frequencies tend to make you feel good, while low frequencies do the opposite. Being around someone with a high vibration or frequency feels better than being around someone with a low vibration or frequency. Someone with a high vibration can even have a healing influence on others. Conversely, someone with a high vibration will not be so easily influenced by someone with a lower vibration. Such as air from a high-pressure area can move to a lower pressure area, but not the other way around.

You could say that frequencies have always been important. Certainly, but at this moment, where a lot of low vibration / frequency is triggered, it is important to keep your frequency high yourself . At the moment many people do not realize that they are being manipulated into that low vibration. Even those who are awake. Specially being "awake", it is important, and I have said this time and again in my previous publications of the past 2 years, not to be tempted into anger, frustration and division. Your frequency will fall because they are negative emotions.

Keep your vibration/frequency high! You can be a benchmark, a turning point. It doesn't have to be very obvious, but your frequency matters and can make the change possible, really! I cannot stress that enough.

How do you raise your frequency again when you have been thrown off balance for a while, or have forgotten it for a while? As already indicated in previous publications: do something that makes you happy , something where you do not run into the restrictions. For example, if you were used to going for a walk or a bike ride and making a coffee or tea or other stop along the way, don't get upset or angry if you're one of the lucky ones, who's now being refused. Just enjoy your walk or bike ride and take a thermos with you, possibly with something tasty and enjoy nature. Be grateful for what you encounter. Gratitude raises your vibration !

There are so many things to raise your vibration with, really, get creative in your thinking! Don't let yourself be limited! Sound (harmonic music), color (working with colors in any possible way), movement, such as dancing, yoga, walking or cycling. The exercises from my Selfhealing courses , positive thoughts, gratitude, which I also talked about in previous publications and the self-help method heart-head connection (this is still only on my Dutch website available), meditation. So many possibilities that contribute to increasing your frequency.

Do you want a very clear and beautifully recorded proof of the existence of frequencies or vibrations? Then search the internet for the work of the Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto, who recorded the various vibrations in water crystals. You will find beautiful pictures of it on the internet.

We go on a little bit. Why should you want to increase your frequency? What's the point of it? Well, it will at least put you in a state of more well-being. Your health will improve . Your circumstances will improve, but you also can turn it around, that you better will be able to deal with the circumstances. That you find ways that favor your health instead of undermining it.

What also is very important in this time and causing your vibration or frequency to go up instead of down is to keep focus on what you want , what kind of future you wish to create. Try to imagine that, give it a feeling, or words in the form of a story, poem or affirmations. A nice way to make what you want more "touchable" is by making a mood board. The creating itself will raise your vibration i.e. frequency! Place your moodboard in sight so that you can see it regularly. It is not only a way to increase your frequency in this moment, but you also give shape to it, so that this or something better can begin to manifest .

Do not keep thinking in the limitations that are imposed on us from the outside. In any case, do not let your free spirit be taken away. See it as an ultimate challenge, a showdown of how connected you are to yourself. From your inner connection you know very well that everything I have written above is true and you will (re)find your strength and want to keep your frequency high, with all the will that is in you. Get out of the box we've been in for far too long, for centuries. Think big, connect with your heart , the space is endless!

What appealed to me in the story of a certain David Hawkins is that by increasing your frequency you are helping to increase the frequency of the earth, which was a confirmation of what I wrote in my newsletter of March 20, 2020 (Dutch only): "But do you know that by doing the exercises you also help heal the planet and humanity. That sounds very grand, and it is."
He assumes a frequency scale of 0-1000 and that fear brings you to the level of 100, then you understand that that is not good for you. Thus, every emotion has a certain frequency. And of course this is about becoming aware of this. It doesn't mean that if you feel that emotion, you push it away. Then it will start to lead its own, subversive life. Earlier I told you about the EFT method (this is on the Dutch website), which makes it possible to neutralize an emotion by accepting it. Acceptance , for example, has a vibration/frequency of 350 in Hawkins' overview. According to him, the collective frequency, so the vibration of all humanity on earth would be 207. You can imagine that each individual increase will help the collective to raise this.

This vibration of 207 is not the earth vibration, the so-called Schumann resonance. You can find enough about that item on the internet.

But what would such an increased frequency or vibration of humanity mean, you may ask? What would you say about an overall well-being for everyone; healing methods that truly heal the body and also the mind. A world of peace, without war, control, power and wealth for only a very small group. Where technologies will be available, which are now far beyond our imagination, but will serve us instead of negatively affecting our lives. A life in which we can start living our full potential again and more. Everyone!

This video of David Icke also shows the importance of frequency and consciousness.