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"Heaven on Earth"
Higher Self, Selfhealing and our Future - Part 3

(written in Dutch on February 18th, 2022)

This is the continuation of "Frequencies and our Future" part 1 and "Curiosity, consciousness and Higher Self" - part 2 . As far as I can see now Heaven on Earth is last part of this trilogy.

In part 2 I already wrote abour the Higher Self, your Higher Self. In this part I go deeper into the matter to make clear to you the importance of you being in contact with your Higher Self. It will benefit and change for the better the world in which we live in. You literally bring the "Heaven on Earth"! An expression that here will become truth.

Heaven on Earth
Like I wrote in part 2 already, everyones Higher Self is - you - in a higher dimension or a higher frequencyand with more experience/knowledge on the way back to Source. In that respect also more connected to Source. However, we, in our present form (outfit) are nog less. We are part of this experience. What is highly important for the Higher Self, your Higher Self, in this time, is that we integrate our Higher Selves in our body. In that way we have the possibility to bring that Heaven on Earth. To make you understand this is the reason for writing this.

We are the instrument. It can not be done otherwise!

Many, also the ones that are spiritual, have the idea that happiness is something far away and outside themselves, in other dimensions and at higher frequencies. It will be better if we are there. That is a kind of deception, that has infiltrated the mind to keep us far away from that Heaven on Earth.

However it can be here and now, at every moment. Our problem is, and I tried to explain that already in many of my publications, that we look outside. You will not find it there!

Perhabs you counter this by saying that your Higher Self exists outside of you? Yes, you are right, as long as you keep your Higher Self outside of you. However the moment you allow your Higher Self inside of you, you will feel it. Your energy will get lighter, you feel sparkles all over your body, your mind gets clearer, you become more telepathic and intuitive. So in all aspects more sensitive, but not more vulnerable. Because you will experience an inner power, that has always been there, but has been undermined through your live experiences.

Too good to be true? NO! You are in control! Search within yourself. Which blockades, objections do you have? It might be an interesting journey, but again it asks for curiosity about yourself, compassion with yourself and willingness. What you cannot give to yourself, how can you give that to others?

A quote from someone who followed one of my courses Selfhealing:
" When I reflect on the course Intuition and Selfknowledge I spontaneously get a warm feeling inside. This course brought me back to my feelings. Deep inside I rediscoverd myself, which brought me back to my emotions and literally the deep feeling inside of me. Everything around me is brighter and that becomes clear through the communication with people and also in the fragrances and the things I hear. The realization to be able to let your energy flow through your system (body and beyond) is so wonderful and makes life worth living. This experience cannot be framed in a few sentences,. I didn't want to miss this!"

Your Higher Self is waiting for you to be integrated, in that way materializing it and bringing it on Earth. Perhabs a big step for you but by doing so you help Earth, our Mother Earth to be born into a new dimension. That new Earth is already existing in an etherical form and by all that I explained above, can be materialized, the so called Heaven on Earth.

The above was about Higher Self and the Future.

Now more about Higher Self and Selfhealing. This will rather obvious by now. Still some explanation. One cannot be clear enough.

Your Higher Self has more experience/knowledge. Is more whole (healed) than we are in the physical form on Earth. At the moment that you integrate your Higher Self it is basically possible that you can heal yourself up to the level of your present Higher Self. Not a bad perspective, or? What or who could oppose this? Perhabs a good idea to have your thoughts and feelings play with these possibilities. It might bring a lot to the surface. It might bring up some feelings, like anger (why did they keep me ignorant on this), sorrow (f.e. I wish I had known this sooner), guilt (f.e. why did I let them clip my wings of). A way to deal with these feelings/emotions is not to supprese them, but the EFT method which I mentioned already many times. ( Explanation is on my Dutch website) You accept your feelings/emotions with your heart and are then able to let go. The heaviness will disappear. The emotion becomes neutral again.

Der Mensch hat nämlich Himmel und Erde und Alles, was geschaffen ist, in sich vereinigt,
und Alles liegt in ihm verborgen. Also sind Gott und Mensch eins wie Seele und Leib.

Hildegard von Bingen, aus: Ursprung und Behandlung von Krankheiten - Origin and Treatment of Diseases
The human being has namely heaven and earth and all that has been created united in itself
and everything lies burried in him/herself. God and men are one, like the soul and the body.

We once got the opportunity, from Source, to experiment with free will on our beautiful Mother Earth. It seems to be that Earth is the only planet within the constellation of Omniversa, where this is possible. For this reason there is a lot of interest for this experiment now and in the past. What did we do with this free will? We seem to have become the most destructive planet (ongoing wars, manipulation, poverty, hunger, abuse of power, violence, child abuse and so on and so forth, you name it) because of which we have been put in quarantaine. There is more to it, but for now enough to reflect upon.

It is time to wake up from our coma. It's time! That is obviously why this whole circus with the plandemie, which seemed to be something outside of ourselves, came into effect. The dark works apparently for the light, tomove us towards the light. Luckily many are on their way towards the light this time. That is really necessary. What also is necessary for the total liberation, is awareness of the things I wrote in this and earlier publications.
It will not be by coincidence that we are dealing with quarantaine in our daily life. But to realize the link towards the bigger picture, still is difficult. That is why I write about it. It is about seeing the bigger connections and to simplify them, so that it can be understood. When more people understand this, the quantum field gets stronger and more people are able to tune into it. The so called snowball effect.

If you are the one that understands this information please pass it on. It is of great importance for the whole planet that more people understand this concept, so that we all together can put this Heaven on Earth for real this time. We get a lot of help from other realities! It is important for them too!

Aber jedes Atom der Materie ist eine ebenso unendliche Welt als das ganze Universum.
Im kleinsten Teil tönt das ewige Wort der göttlichen Bejahung wieder.

Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling
However every atom of matter is as infinite as the whole Universe.
In the smallest particle resounds the eternal word of devine confirmation.