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Immune System

Tips to strengthen and support your immune system

Whether it is because of virusses or other matters, it always is a good idea to have your immune system in order. Below some advices to strengthen and support your immunesystem in a natural way. Many years of reading information have preceded these advices. We proved all the below mentioned in practice ourselves.

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). The recommended daily amount of 10 mcg for adults is much too low, especially on our latitude and being inside a lot. The elderly and people with dark skin have an even greater need for supplementation, because they cannot make the vitamin D themselves. A supplementation between 50 and 75 mcg is therefore recommended depending on age, circumstances and skin color. To be sure about your vitamin D status, you can have a test done by your doctor.

Why Vitamin D3? It is a versatile vitamin. It supports the body in the absorption of calcium from the intestine and thus the maintenance of strong bones and teeth. It is good for the muscles and thus plays a role in the fall prevention in people over 60. It plays a role in cell renewal, mood and thinking abilities and is very important in the proper functioning of the immune system. It also helps to counteract or reduce inflammation. With Corona, where the excessive reaction in the lungs resulting in inflammation causes major problems, vitamin D3 is actually a must. Do you wish more background on the effects and the functions of vitamin D? Then I recommend you to search on the name Jörg Spitz.

Vitamin C , preferably Ester C, because it is less stressful for the stomach. Vitamin C is also usually advised in far too low doses. Just one orange a day really is not enough. To achieve any effect on the immune system you will have to take at least 1000mg a day. I myself take 2 x 1000 and if necessary 3 x 1000 mg.

Zinc , is needed to develop T cells that are formed in the thymus gland. These T cells recognize pathogens and clean them up. Zinc is also important to stay mentally balanced. Zinc is best taken as Schüssler Cell Salt No. 21 from VitaZouten, because these are in ion form and therefore the zinc can enter the cell. If you choose another form of zinc, then methionine is the best, but to get the zinc into the cell you need an additional so-called ionophore, such as Chloroquine (CQ), HydroxyChloroQuine (HCQ), Quinine, Quercetin (QCT). Read about zinc and immune-boosting agents also on self-carecovid19

Selenium as Schüssler Cell Salt No. 26. It is an important antioxidant. Furthermore it is essential for the growth and proper functioning of the brain, nervous system and immune system. Selenium also protects against aging symptoms, keeps the muscles healthy, increases resistance, protects against cancer and supports the heart and blood vessels. A low selenium intake is common in the Netherlands, including among vegetarians. It is found in particular in: Meat, fish, eggs, Brazil nuts, broccoli, cabbage, garlic, mushrooms. Info: See also the additional recent information from a bioengineer on the great importance of zinc and selenium in fighting Covid-19, at the bottom of the page.

Many combined vitamin / mineral preparations often consist of far too little of the necessary ingredients and the quality can be doubtful. It is better to take the things you want separately in a dosage that is effective, otherwise it is just wasted money.

Beta-glucans are widely applicable for cancer, but are especially important for the immune system. They activate the receptors on the cell wall of immune cells very quickly (within a few hours) and thus contribute quickly to cleaning up the pathogen. Also with infections of the upper respiratory tract, which could be interesting in case of Covid-19 or pneumonia. Beta-glucans are found in yeast, oats and mushrooms, but also can be obtained as a supplement, however from mushrooms it is purest. If you want to have a good supplement, the score 1.3 and 1.6 must be named on it. That is the score of the active ingredients.

Echinacea extract of herb and root. Echinacea purpurea increases resistance to bacterial and viral infections, promotes the activity of the white blood cells, prevents infections from spreading and stimulates the lymphatic system.

Olive leaf extract also has a strong antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect and is a strong antioxidant. It therefore covers a broad spectrum of complaints, which benefit from taking this extract. The active substance is oleuropein.

Please do research for yourself, including everything I have written above. If you have a disease and are already taking a lot of medication, it is good to discuss supplements with your practitioner.

Fresh ginger, garlic and turmeric , preferably organic, also support your physical well-being. You can also think of Chlorella and Moringa

And of course water ! Preferably vitalized and I do not mean the spring water from the bottle from the supermarket. There are many products for this on the market. If you are not drinking water, it may be that you like to drink vitalized water. It tastes softer and better. You can also always put a slice of lemon, ginger or a sprig of mint, whatever you like, in your water jug and take a glass regularly.

Another thing that is very important and has a good effect on your entire system is: Movement and of course preferably in the open air. A walk of at least half an hour a day will already do you good.

And 'last but not least' relaxation exercises , meditation or the basic self-healing exercises . These also have a major positive influence on the immune system. With the basic exercises Selfhealing you also contribute to a better world.

Of course, there are probably plenty of other means and methods to get your immune system in order. One very important one is the rather new fact of the microbiome – the bacterial population in your intestines, which is essential for your health.

What undermines your immune system? Fear, stress , basically all negative emotions . But you can do something about it. Becoming aware is the 1st step. As long as you are not conscious, you cannot change anything about it. Step 2 is action. Step 3 is the turnaround and the step towards a happier life in connection with yourself. At step 1 I can help you through a Healing / Reading or the basic course Selfhealing . Step 2: you will have to take the action yourself by applying what I can offer you and then you will end up with Step 3. The choice is yours.

IMPORTANT NEWS: How you can easily and purely protect yourself from viruses, parasites and spike protein contamination is by drinking pine and / or spruce needle tea. This information came to me recently and therefore share this with you now. It mainly concerns infection by Covid-19 and the spike protein transmitted by vaccinated people, but it is an excellent natural means to strengthen your immune system anyway. So also read the page about the pine needle tea .

Additional information dated 21 October 2021. Professor Gijs Du Laing examined 138 patients who were admitted to the hospitals UZ Gent and AZ Jan Palfijn in Belgium. He is a bioengineer who specializes in micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. He came up with the idea to investigate whether there is a relationship between covid-19 and shortages because previous studies show that this is true for some other viruses. According to De Laing, it is alrady known for some time that shortages of specific micronutrients can cause an increase in the severity of an infection, thus patients getting ill more severely.

Patients who became extremely ill and/or even died were found to be deficient in both zinc and selenium upon arrival. Usually vitamin D or zinc is advised against corona, but zinc in combination with selenium is usually not mentioned. This is remarkable, because previous studies have also shown that supplementation with selenium and zinc could significantly improve the chances of survival. De Laing also points out that mortality from corona was much lower in regions in China where there was sufficient selenium in the blood. This info comes from the following link .