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Pineneedle tea or extract

How you can easy protect yourself against viruses, parasites and get rid of the spike protein.

That pineneedle tea can be so important for humans health, because of its valuable substances, is known for a long time already. These substances help to support your immunesystem and to give it a boost. De needles have a rich source of vitamin C and A. It is a super antioxidant and has a special effect on the respiratory tract , which will give relief and healing in case of influenza, a cold, pneumonia or bronchitis. Specially in the case of Covic-19 these are common phenomena. Just like the loss of smell and taste for mostly a short period of time. This also could be quicker resolved with this tea.

The substance Suramine , which is present in pine and spruce needles, seems to be an effective remedy against the spike protein contamination/spreading that unvaccinated people (between the vaccinated) can have to deal with. It is not yet clear to me whether infection of the unvaccinated by vaccinated persons is true or a rumor to activate the fear mechanism again, but now in the conscious person, who does not want to participate in a medical experiment. Let's beware of this, because this puts you in a negative spiral and we are consciously set up against each other. I recommend you read my publication Frequencies and our Future .
Based on information from the White Coat Summit * (info about this at the bottom of the page) I understand that it is also important for vaccinated people to get rid of the spike protein.

Why is suramine so important in case of contamination by the spike protein? Suramine has inhibitory effects on the components of the coagulation cascade and on the incorrect replication, i.e. doubling and modification of RNA and DNA. The coagulation cascade causes blood clots, which can cause infarctions to occur, both in the heart and brain, and periods can be much worse or absent and pregnancies can end in miscarriages. Sudden and unexplained bruises also appear to occur.

The great thing is that there is a natural means to prevent, reduce and cure complaints of Covid-19, as well as to protect yourself against infection by the spike protein. And those are the pine and spruce needles that you can collect all year round. Collect them from chest height to the extent that you can get up, so that there can be no transfer of unwanted substances by passing animals. Also, do not only pick or cut from 1 branch or 1 tree, but divide it a little. A nice gesture is when you are ready to thank the tree or trees and also Mother Earth for the gift.

The difference between a spruce and a pine is simple. The spruce is the Christmas tree, with all loose short needles on a twig. The pine has long thin needles that sit together on the branch with 2 or more in a shaft. This is the mnemonic to keep spruce (single needle) and pine (duo needle) apart. But it can be more needles together than 2. Make sure you do not take yew .

Then the Pine or spruce needle tea recipe (You can also use them together for tea).
I first wash the harvested spruce and pine needle twigs and dry them in a tea towel. You can then easily store them for a longer period of time. For 1 cup of tea, use two teaspoons of pine and/or spruce needles. I cut the long pine needles small. You can remove the spruce needles from the twigs or cut smaller pieces of them and add them with the twig. Put it in a pan or teapot and pour boiling water over it and let it soak covered for 15 to 20 minutes. Do not let it boil, because that affects the vitamins. If you find it too cooled for your liking, you can possibly heat it up a bit, but do not let it boil. If desired, you can add honey, especially nice for sore throats. The stronger you make the tea, so put in more pine and / or spruce needles, the stronger it works and tastes.
Incidentally, pregnant women should be careful to drink tea with too much of the pine spruce needles. I read somewhere that chewing pine and spruce needles has the same effect as drinking the tea. It seems to be rejuvenating, probably because of the antioxidants, and has a positive influence on mood / emotions.

Pine needle extract or tincture . I made my own tincture from both the dried and fresh pine and spruce needles. It is very easy to get dried spruce needles, namely if you have collected the branches, leave them in a large paper bag for a while, after washing and drying, then gradually most of the needles will fall off by themselves. Even though it is wonderful to go into nature and collect your own resources for healing, you may not have the time or opportunity to do so. You can also order the needles via the Internet.

Furthermore, pine oil in a (water) evaporator , on a cotton ball or wooden container also works well. Especially nice if you have respiratory complaints. And if you want some extra air and healing for those complaints, you can also use this oil finely when steaming.

* White Coat Summit "A life threatening disinformation campaign has been launched." - Americas Frontline Doctors
Doctor Simone Gold is the founder of America's Frontline Doctors, a large group of leading physicians in the United States. They organized a White Coat Summit in which they explained how the newsmedia, Big Tech, and government agencies are collaborating to misinform the world, driven by a political agenda. These medical experts explained how there are several cures for covid, how dangerous masks are to our health, why lockdowns are far more destructive than any virus can ever be, and so on. This medical summit was viewed twenty million times, in a matter of hours. People recognize truth! In this video Dr Gold explains serious concerns about the experimental vaccines that are unlawfully imposed on all of humanity, for a disease that has a 99,97% survival rate , while safe and effective cures are being hidden from humanity.
This information and much more is to be found at
An example of their introductory text: "Humanity's leading voices in the fields of science, healthcare, law and journalism are speaking out. Listen to these heroes of humanity, who risk everything to inform you about what is truly happening in the world today."

PINE TEA: Possible Antidote for Spike Protein Transmission