Reconnect with your Heart, Inner Wisdom/Intuition, Power, Love and Light

Feel your energy flow! Get alive and happy again!

Empowerment by Healing Reading, Coaching and Selfhealing.

Selfhealing Courses

Awareness, Selfknowledge, Personal, Intuitive and Spiritual Development
and Self-empowerment

for the time being only online

Do you reckognize one of the following items?

Fatigue - loss of energy - thoughts circling around - trusting others more than yourself - poor concentration - hard to say no or making your borders clear - longing for a better contact with your feelings -, getting (more) in touch with your intuition.

You know you are not the only one. But you, you can do something about it! How? By getting aware on how your energy functions and on who you really are. The way to do this is by learning simple and often playful excercises which you can practice in every day life . They will empower you , enrich your life and bring you back by the Source, the place where you are in connection with your Inner Power, your Inner Wisdom, your Inner Love and your Inner Light.

What will the result of these courses be for you?
More Energy and Health. More Self Awareness and Self Knowledge, A better Contact with your Feelings and your Intuition,
Getting more in Balance and in Power of Yourself.

These Selfhealing courses are a way to Awareness and Mindfulness

You get Selfknowledge and step by step will get closer to yourself. You get a better understanding from and for yourself. It is a journey into Personal Development which can give you insight in who you really are, which talents you have to offer, which burdens you carry on and may release . This course will strengthen your intuition. You will get more grounded and connected to your body, out of your head. More connected to your emotions and your spirituality. By all of this your clarity will expand whilst taking your borders into account.

What more do you need to know about these Selfhealing courses?
In this course you will experience Selfhealing. This will not always be easy, because you have to get aware before the item can be healed, which sometimes can be painful. Let this not whithhold you going on. This pain has ever since it originated been there and took a lot of energy from you to push it down for not feeling it. But now is the time to free yourself and get your energy back . It will make you more balanced, more complete and more powerful. To get convinced that this is reality and no hocus-pocus, read some of the reviews below:

"When I reflect over the Course Intuition and Selfknowledge (Selfhealing) I spontaneously get warm feelings. This course brought me back to my emotions. Deep inside I re-discovered myself, which brought me back to all of my emotions and the depth of my feelings. Everything around me got brighter, clearer, even communication with people, but also my senses like sents and hearing. Realising that you yourself are able to have your energy flow through your system is so awesome and makes life much more worth living. This experience is hard to summarize in a few sentences, but I would not want to have missed this."
"Throughout the years I lost my true self by adjusting myself every time to every situation, person and relation, so that I would fit in. At a certain point I felt that I missed something very much, but I did not know what exactly. After this course I understand that I missed myself, my ideals, my ideas and my creativity. This course made me conscious of me being worth living which makes me stronger. By being more my true self I experience that relations get better and people understand me better. I find it amazing that the result is felt so quickly."

These Selfhealing courses are to experience through practical, playful excercises; no learning from books . You will come in contact with your own experience , your own feeling and your own wisdom . There is no good or wrong in this, only your choice. In these groupes we will not advice or comment each other. They are as such no therapeutical groups.

If this way of getting into more health, balance and joy in your life suits you, please contact me via e-mail to sign in . Please mention the subject being Basic Selfhealing Course .

The online Basic Selfhealing Course consists of 4 lessons of 1 hour and can be followed on Tuesday morning from 11-12 o'clock or Tuesday evening from 20-21 o'clock in 4 consecutive weeks. The costs for 4 lessons of 1 hour are € 150,=.
I work with small groups, even online, to guarantee attention and intimacy, which gives a feeling of safety and at home more chance.

If the given day and or time does not suit you or if you for any reason do not like being in a group I advice you to do the online Individual Selfhealing Course.
If you however would like to be in a group but the reason you cannot participate is because of this date and time not suiting you, then let me know what dates and times would suit you better. Perhaps there are others that match your wishes and then we can make a separate group. You might even have a group of your own which would like to follow this Selfhealing course? In that case do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail .

After the Basic Selfhealing Course I, you can go on with Course II, again consisting of 4 lessons. In this course we rehearse the things you learned in the first course but you will get even many more tools you can use and practice in your every day life. The more you practice the more it becomes a part of you.
If you feel this is the right way for you to improve your health and wellbeing and well feeling, there are the next courses I have to offer:
Auras and Chakras ; The Transformation Course in which we work with the convictions that determine your life; the Advanced Course in which the energies and tools you get to feel will be expanded; the Healer Course.
All these courses have a certain structure by which it builds one on the other. It is therefore not possible to step in the Aura and Chakra Course without having had the Basic I and II Course.
The same for the other courses. It is in essence a personal travel in which you need time to be able to process. It is not a workshop of a weekend in which you get to be a healer without having processed your own unsolved matters or shadows and therefore have the risk to project these on others or your future clients. And you also need the tools to stay balanced yourself when you give healing sessions and afterwards. A lot of these tools do you already get in the first two courses which will enrich and balance your own life from the very first course.

Looking forward to hear from you to be able to empower you with one of my tools.