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Individual Selfhealing Course

online or in my practice

In the Individual Selfhealing Course you get the Basic Selfhealing Course presented to you individually. The advantage of this individual concept is that you now can follow this course in your own pace and time . And what is more, generally througout the whole year. So no limited course times and dates, taking into respect my possibilities.

Why would it be of your interest to be able to do this course in your own pace? While not everybody has the same way, pace or time of adapting new matters. That has nothing to do with knowledge, how clever you are, but everything with the inner structure and what might get touched. Nobody can predict this.
Another advantage of doing this individually is that personal issues can be dealt with directly if it fits our mutual calendar. This set up makes it possible to work organically without loosing the moment. You understand that extra time has to be payed for. On the other hand it can make your process go quicker.

Like the Individual Healing Coaching or Healing Reading, also the Individual Selfhealing Course can be done online as well as in my practice . The effectiveness will be the same.

Do you want to know more on the content or what the effects of the Selfhealing Course are, please look in the information at Selfhealing Courses .

The Individual Selfhealing Course Basic contains 3 lessons of one hour and costs € 225,=.

It is really necessary  that if you want to follow the online Individual Selfhealing Course this can be done without you being disturbed. This means that you are in a space where you feel comfortable, alone and without being distracted by your mobile phone. I hope you understand that this is very important for you. If you cannot create such conditions for yourself then it is perhabs better that you come to my practice.

If you want to sign up for a Individual Selfhealing Course then please send me an e-mail and mention subject Individual Selfhealing Course and add if you want it online or in my practice . You could already pass around the dates and times that fits you best, so I can see in my calendar for time to schedule you in.

Looking forward to hear from you to be able to empower you with one of my tools.