Reconnect with your Heart, Inner Wisdom/Intuition, Power, Love and Light

Feel your energy flow! Get alive and happy again!

Empowerment by Healing Reading, Coaching and Selfhealing.

"After having received the healing reading on distance I feel myself "Whole" again and more grounded"
"This Selfhealing course brought me back to my feelings. Deep inside of me I rediscovered myself"
"Just listened to the audio of your healing reading on my cat and me again. It really makes a lot of sense. Without this I would not have come over the loss"

Get in touch with your heart again!

Pain (physically, emotionally and/or mentally),
burn-out, lack of confidence, sorrow, fear,
disappointment, anger, rejection, problems with focus or concentration,
it all asks attention and takes energy from you.

However, they also are a chance and a possibility to get conscious
and makes your life richer and/or gives it a new meaning or direction .
Getting more conscious means, that you will react different towards matters
that come along your path, than you did before.
You will feel more free to make choices that fit you better.

Do you really want things to change in your life?
That asks for consciousness , physically, mentally and emotionally.
You cannot change something you are not aware of!


It is my mission to mentor or coach you into self-empowerment,
so that you can re-connect with your
Inner Power, Wisdom and Intuïtion, Light and Love
which all comes from the same Source .


A Healing Reading solves energy blockages, sets your own healing powers free and gives you insight in problems or matters that keep you occupied and/or stay in your way.

"After having received your healing reading on distance I feel "Whole" again and grounded; I still feel the effect. Very comfortable , no travelling this way! Thank you very much once again"

Individual Route

With the Individual Healing Coaching you have the benefits of my healing reading techniques, however you will be active yourself in the proces which releases Self-Empowerment .

With the Individual Selfhealing Course I will personally and individually go through the items of my Selfhealing course, but now in your pace and time.

Selfhealing Courses

In the Basic Selfhealing Course you start to learn healing yourself. You will come in contact with your own energy, get in touch with your own borders and get grounded. You will start being more conscious of yourself and your body, your energy starts to flow better. It all will make you being more joyful. You will be more in the moment, the here and now and therefore more centered and focused. By the playful exercises in this Selfhealing Course you get more connected with your heart.

"When I reflect on this Selfhealing Course I spontaneously get ...."

Personal Energy Profile

By this Personal Energy Profile you are getting a lot of information on yourself on:

* the themes and influences that have impact on you this year
* the energy of your soul and your personality
* the course of your life by which you will understand your past

"Miraculous that the information is so right and striking. It gives insight and comfort.
It is in line with what I feel inside. It gives recognition and affirmation".

On me

Mother of three sons, 1982, 1986 and 1997 (at the age of 43),
having been management secretary for many years,
gave self-developed courses "Consciously moving on music"
("aerobic" combined with free dancing/sacred dance and yoga) for a long period of time.

I started my study Intuïtive, Personal and Spiritual Development in 1989
and finished after 4 years of intensive Inner work and processing my life
as a certified Healer and Reader in 1993.

Since 1999, after a burn-out, I made the definite choice to make my passion a profession, i.e.:
to coach people re-connect with their Inner Wisdom, Power, Love and Light.
I do this through my Healing Reading tools and my Selfhealing courses .
To expand my "knowledge" and to feed my heart I read many books,
followed many workshops and did a Cranio-Sacral study 2000/2001
and still educate myself, open to all possibilities of the Universe.

I have been living in very different parts of the Netherlands,
from 2007 till 2016 in Sweden and since then living in Germany
near to the Dutch border (surrounding Enschede, Oldenzaal, De Lutte)

To describe myself with some words:
Filosofer, digger, practical, helpful, empathic, joyous, young at heart.

My DUTCH website with much more content

The following subjects are part of my package:
consciousness, selfknowledge, personal, spiritual and intuïtive development, coaching, mentoring,
selfhealing courses, aura's, chakra's, healing and reading, cranio-sacral relaxation, consciously moving on music,
mayan calendar, tarot, numerology, astrology.

Christine Eckenhuijsen Smit

Looking forward to hear from you to be able to empower you with one of my tools.